Quick Start

Here you'll set up your environment to start playing with our API. If you don't know what our API is, you can refer to our API overview.

To smooth out the onboarding, along the way we notify how to be compliant with the PSD2.

Create your account

Sign up in our administration console. You can then check your inbox, confirm your account and log in. Congratulations! Welcome to our Console.

Register an organization or join one

Once logged in, you will have to fill a few information about your company to create your organization. Here is the information to be filled in:

  • company name,

  • company size,

  • country,

  • activity area.

Your company name will be used as organization name and also to create your first workspace.

Register your domain

Once your organization and first workspace are created, click on the creation button (the large "+") and choose a domain name. The domain will be created as a "sandbox" configuration, and automatically suffixed with -sandbox.biapi.pro.

Use your project name as your domain name to ease management. Avoid generic names like "test" to facilitate tickets management.

In the following sections, we'll use the term "your API" to refer to calls made to your domain.

Register a client application

A client application identifies a caller requesting your API. You need at least one client.

The definition of a client application lets you configure the associated Webview, a ready-to-use web interface to add connections to your domain. You can configure multiple client applications if you wish to propose webviews with different settings.

From the administration console:

  • select your domain and click on "Client Applications" on the left sidebar;

  • in the upper-right corner, click on "Add a client" and fill the form;

  • modify the logo, layout and primary colors;

  • configure a redirect URL that is used by the webview after the connection flow;

  • click on "Add a client". Your client should now appear in the list of client applications.

You can define multiple redirect URLs for a single client application. You must use secure HTTPS protocol, or an app-specific scheme.

The created "Client ID" and "Client secret", represent your base credentials when querying the API or requesting the webview.

Register a webhook

In addition to a REST API, we provide you with a webhook mechanism that is the recommanded approach to be notified when new data is available in your API. You can declare a subscription to a webhook in the console and we will push the data to your server when the appropriate event occurs.

To add a webhook:

  • click on "Webhooks" on the left sidebar;

  • click on the button "Add a webhook" on the upper-righ corner;

  • select an event and type your server URL.

Integrate the API

Well done! Now that your domain is properly configured, you can use the API starting by adding users and connections or initiating payments.

For a trial or a quick demo you have the opportunity to easily test a connection with a fake connector "Connecteur de test", available in all domains. Use any username and the password "1234" to log in.

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