Bank transactions

The Bank product lets you retrieve bank transactions of end users. Transactions are associated with a bank account.

API endpoints

Authentication: endpoints listed in this page require header authentication with a user token.

List bank transactions

GET https://{domain}{userId}/transactions

List bank transactions of the authenticated user. By default, only active (not deleted) transactions are returned, use the all parameter to get the full list.

Path Parameters

Query Parameters

Listing bank transactions requires explicit pagination (i.e. the limit parameter is required). Also, this endpoint provides relational pagination.

Route aliases

Get a bank transaction

GET https://{domain}{userId}/transactions/{transactionId}

Get a single bank transaction by ID.

Path Parameters

Response body: Transaction object

Transactions partially support updates to override some display-related properties:

Update a bank transaction

POST https://{domain}{userId}/transactions/{transactionId}

Update metadata of a single bank transaction by ID.

Request body: TransactionUpdateRequest object

Path Parameters

Response body: Transaction object

Data model

TransactionsList object

Transaction object

Available expands

The following parameter can be used for response properties expansion:

TransactionType values

Forward compatibility requirement: additional types may be added in the future. When implementing type handling, always fallback to a generic case for unknown values.

Category object

Counterparty object

AccountSchemeName values

TransactionUpdateRequest object

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