Health Center

Discover Powens Health center available in the Powens Console

If, in your specific scenario, you delete connections immediately after synchronization, then the only relevant page for you would be the synchronization page. The remaining pages will be devoid of data as the connections will have been eliminated.

The Health Center is a crucial feature in the Console that allows you to monitor your domain health status. It provides insights into the status of synchronizations (data refreshes). This is an essential tool to provide support based on the data provided.

In addition to the Health Center, the Console offers a variety of dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of product performance. These dashboards display data related to user accounts, subscriptions, and connections, among other things.


This page helps you understand the entire flow of your end users. It is the most precious page of the console because it allows you to identify an end user and understand the problem it encountered. It will help you to respond to the following question:

  • What was the {user_id} customer journey?

    • Where was it blocked?

    • For what reason?

    • What information can I give to my end user to unlock him?

How do I unlock my client based on the issue or connection state they are facing?

We recommend guiding your user using the error message translation table that we provide.


If you use our Webview, we developed a feature to facilitate communication with your end user in case of a bug. Please refer to the Webview best practices guide to learn more about it.

How often is data updated?

It is updated in real time


We recommend you use this page to monitor the status of connections on your activated connectors. It is particularly useful when generating reports.

It will help you to respond to the following question:

  • Which connectors perform best?

  • What is the status of the connections on the credit mutuel source connector (openapi)?

  • On which connector do we need to improve the state of the connections in priority?

We created a state guide to give you some examples of good client communication to reduce SCA.


A new version of this page will be available at the end of January. It will display the addition success rates for each connector

This page displays the status of each activated connector on the domain. There are three possible statuses:

These statuses are related to the message displayed in the Webview when we consider a connector to be unstable.

Here is the used formula. Adding success rate = (error_free) / (error_free + bug + website_unavailable) *100

It will help you to respond to the following question:

  • Many PSU's are reporting problems with the x-driver. Is there a problem on this connector identified by Powens?


Use this chart to check the status of each connector's connection. Note that it includes all sources, so filtering on a connector shows the status of all activated sources. The table helps determine which improvements can be made.

It will help you to respond to the following question:

  • Are the actions I am taking with my CSM to reduce the number of required SCA working?

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