😊Reassure your users

Don't let them go !

Understand actual context

Aggregation is still a new way to share data to a third party by directly connecting a banking account, especially in west European countries.

Most user are afraid to give those critical information such as account identification or password, simply because it’s not yet an habits, unlike in Northern Europe for example.

An other reason is that banking information are really sensitive, most banking establishments for decades warned their clients to never share their credential details. As a result, a large part of the population is extremely suspicious when a service demands to have access to this data.

To reassure your client during aggregation flow, you should at least answer to those following essentials questions :

Question 1 : Why your costumers should connect their account ?

Make your user understand WHY you need those banking informations or documents.

πŸ‘‰ A user who understands why it needs to share a banking connection with a service will be in a better mindset and willing to do so. -> It is important that users acknowledge the benefits deriving from this banking information share.

Question 2 : Why should they trust you or your partners ?

If you are using our Webview (as Agent or Partner status) we already put in place a reassurance page before the connector selection list.

β†’ But you should also reinsure your user about Powens before any redirection.

Some ideas you can add to your interface :

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