Invite members to collaborate with you

We bet that you will never walk alone! For that reason, you’ll want to bring other people into your Organization.

Here is how you can invite people to join your Organization:

  1. Go to your homepage

  2. Click on your Organization

  3. Go to the Members section

  4. Go to the Organization tab

  5. Click on Invite a member

  6. Choose the right role

  7. Ask him to check his mail and confirm the inscription

The Organization is the highest level of permission. By giving administrator rights to the Organization, you cascade administrator rights to the Workspaces and domains within it.

Manage roles in the Organization

There are 3 roles:

  • Admin: An admin has access to all Workspaces in the Organization. They can therefore perform the following actions: add/edit/delete

  • Accounting: The accounting role allows you to access and edit invoice information for all Workspaces as well as invoicing information for the Organization.

  • Member: By default, all members of a Workspace or domain present in an Organization inherit the role of Organization member. This does not give them any special permissions

Join an existing Organization

To join an existing organization, you need to ask an admin from that Organization to add you as a member. Then you will receive an email with a link to join. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your email and be placed into the Organization with the role associated with the invitation.

Remove someone from an Organization

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